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At first, it was a passion and love for the most beautiful Arabian horses. Then, came Orf and Eblis and the most memorable day 27 October 1997. Along with that day Zaza, Debina, Eblis and Orf arrived in Bistuszowa. They are our first mares, stallion and gelding. That cold October day initiated quite an adventure which raising Arabian horses turned out to be. An adventure which lasts until today...

Since the very beginning, our idea was to rear Arabian horses. Ours were the ones which braved the difficult areas of Ciężkowickie Foothills with little effort. This resulted in them taking part in competitions in Endurances, in which they won several times (Gepard, Grenadier, Zaza) at distances 80, 100, 120 km. In 1998, we purchased on an auction in Janów Podlaski a mare called

Elizka (Eulalia - Pamir), which gave rise to our horse ranch. Her foals like Empaira, Enya, El Aria, Egeriana became mares.

The opportunity of dealing with these beautiful horses every day gives us boundless joy. We participate in the birth of new foals and their rearing.
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